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He who plants a tree, plants hope.

Supporting our brand values and conscious choice to work with sustainable companies with environmental and ethical credentials, we’re delighted to announce that we are the first independent fashion retailer and the first store in Buxton to commit to plant a tree with EVERY purchase.

See our progress here

Starting immediately (by the time you read this, we should have already planted more than 150 trees!), we will plant one tree for every purchase made by our wonderful customers whether in store or online.

Helping to combat deforestation, protect rainforests and natural habitats and offset our carbon footprint, trees offer many benefits and will be planted around the world in countries including Mozambique, Madagascar, Nicaragua and Kenya and also close to home in the UK.

In addition to making a positive contribution to the environment and fight against climate change, the planting of trees also has many social and economic benefits lifting village communities out of poverty, providing shade, shelter and even food and medicines.

Planting billions of tress across the globe is one of the most simple ways of taking large amounts of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere to tackle the climate crisis, and a worldwide tree planting programme could have real impact removing just under one third of all emissions from human activities.

With every purchase, our bespoke online dashboard will be updated to show the total number of trees that we’ve been responsible for planting to date – and with no need for any extra admin or processing as it all happens automatically.

"I’m so pleased that we can lead on this initiative," says Lucy, "Too often the fashion industry is criticised so I’m delighted that we are making a difference and creating a legacy for the future in our 16th anniversary year. It’s yet another reason to feel good about a little bit of shopping!"