Weather Issues!

No more niceties. We need a word with you Weather.

Dear Weather,

Please take a moment to hear our concerns.

Seriously, we are leaving home in the morning dressed for chilly Autumness as you clearly display each day with your misty grey skies and single figure temperatures only to arrive home in the evening a big hot frizzy sweaty summer mess!

We obviously get the whole concept of layering, we actually consider ourselves pretty deft at it, You, however, you have taken it to a whole new level! Stop it! Or at least give us a fighting chance!

Have you any idea what military precision planning goes into selecting a workwear or day wear outfit that must be appropriate for frost, rain, wind and blazing sunshine?!

No, no you haven't. And we would appreciate it if you would just make your mind up the night before, give us fair warning and STICK TO THE PROGRAM!!

Thank you, rant over. It's just the cute guy we see in the morning checking us out on the way in to work fails to recognise the red faced bag lady in all states of undress on the way home and it's kind of affecting the vibes a bit. Thanks.

Lots of love,



We're here to help weather victims!

These pieces are ideal trans-seasonal additions to overcome weather related crisis situations!

From Postcard from Brighton we have the classic Flighty Lucky Tops or the Karma Big Tops. A complete everyday day essential and looks great on just about everyone! Or try one of the amazing price pointed winter coats from Vero Moda. Starting at just £45 for a hooded parka your never gonna go wrong.

For you guys, how about a collegiate alternative to your jeans and t-shirt ? Italian varsity brand Franklin & Marshall offer a great range of track pants, hooded tops and chunky fleece knits ideal for the head scratching summer/autumn/winter conundrum, or, better still treat yourself to a padded gilet, this is the ideal transitional piece for all men.

Don't let the unpredictable temperatures get the better of you any more!

You're welcome,


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