Top Womens' Fashion Tips to Keep Your Style Fresh!

So I think its safe to say, we all like to look good!....My motto is, if you look good then you feel good and no-one can put a price on that. Feel Good Women's Fashion is something that all users of this website have in common so I have come up with some fab fashion tips for the girls to keep your fashion style looking fresh and new!

  • This season we are loving massive oversized chunky necklaces with absolutely everything! Even with a sporty adidas t-shirt which rocks the sports luxe trend. This is my look of the season and without doubt my next purchase.
  • Don't scrimp on accessories - these can transform your look at a fraction of the cost. No matter if its the oversized statement necklace as mentioned above, a bold printed scarf, coloured shoes or large shoulder/clutch bag.
  • Experiment with crazy footwear - Rock out in some super skinny jeans rolled up to the ankle and team with some metallic or acid coloured bright heels or boots to inject an instant dose of summer to your look.
  • Don't be afraid to buy expensive designer pieces if you are definitely going to get your wear out of it, but on the flip side dont be afraid to buy cheap either - sometimes the cheaper items are the classics!
  • Its great to follow fashion trends but its also great to have your own fashion flair. If you can put your unique twist on a seasonal fashion trend this will work much better. For example adding a citrus coloured accessory to a monochrome dress, this makes the look much more distinctive and contemporary!
  • Don't get stuck in a rut. To ensure you don't do this, once dressed, stand in front of the mirror and take a snap shot of yourself - upload this to instagram to see how many likes you will get. The more your dare to experiment, the more followers and likes you will start to get. People love creativity! At the moment, I love posting my morning make up routine to instagram - this ensures I change it everyday!
My morning beauty routine as posted on instagram!