The Perfect Leather Jacket For You!

Leather Jackets from Divine TrashWhat makes the perfect leather jacket? The fit, the style, the colour? The choices are endless and are so specific to each and every one of us.

Classics such as the bikers, blazers and bombers will always be a winner, these sell well all year every year as they maintain their stylish honour no matter what age or size the wearer is.

Traditional cuts like the double breasted pea coat, reefers, car coats and parka's remind me of the typical english gent out for a jaunt on a Sunday afternoon, to me these styles are aimed at a much more mature quint essential market and are often quite a bit more expensive due to their heavy duty, strengthened waxed finishes.


More recently we have the modern and more contemporary asymmetric, quilted and shirt leather jackets, born from designer brands such as All Saints, Barbour and Belstaff. These jackets are sleek and stylish and give your look that " rock chic" that many desire. Inspired by the likes of David Beckham, Justin Bieber and modern day rock bands such as The Kings of Leon, the trashier the leather jacket the better.


Tips to look out for when purchasing your leather jacket:

  • Choose a good quality leather,  the most expensive is definitely not necessarily the best. Feel the nappa and see how durable and soft it feels. Ask your self will this last a good few seasons/years?
  • Take a closer look at the stitching, if its tatty and untidy, this jacket is not worth the hanger its hung on. Ensure that the jacket features strengthened stitching around areas of intensity (shoulders, underarms and pockets).
  • Always keep your jacket protected with a good quality protection spray, you can pick these up at your local supermarket or shoe shop.
  •  Take a look at the lining, will it tear as soon it has applied pressure especially under the arms. If so, you will only be disappointed and most probably start losing your change.
  • Perform the  "Reach Test". Pretend you are reaching for a glass of wine/pint of beer off the bar, is there too much tension between the shoulders? if so, it maybe worth trying the size up.
  • Once you have purchased your jacket, store in a suitable place in between wears. If you plan on wearing this jacket daily then of course the nappa will start to look more distressed and worn,  if its more of an ad-hoc wear then keep stored neatly in the corner of your wardrobe out of direct sunlight and any radiators/storage heaters.
  • Enjoy your item and don't be afraid to team with all most any outfit for that " rock chic" effect.