Reasons We Love Vila Clothing

Look at this outfit by Vila that has come in for Spring, The brook green cable knit jumper and the cute lacy denim shorts ideal for showing off your super toned and tanned legs.

The Vila girl is confident and sexy, not to mention stylish! The Vila girl knows her own mind and is determined to do well. The Vila girl has plenty of friends and is a social butterfly. The Vila girl loves spending money on clothes but prefers to have the best of both worlds. Does this sound familiar?

After trading for 7 years now online and with a stand alone store based in Buxton, I can happily say that Vila clothing offers everything our fashionable, style sassy consumer wants....and more to the point, what they need. Its affirmative. Each collection is fresh, innovative and on trend creating a capsule compilation for your wardrobe and instantly updating your look! This may sound a bit cliché as every brand claims to be the next best thing but there is just something about Vila that never ceases to amaze us!

Finally, If I were to sum up the typical Vila girl in 3 words it would be Feminine, Sensual and Fashionable.

Reasons we love Vila Clothing :

  • Great quality affordable fashion for all ages
  • A choice of on trend colour ways available in each garment
  • A large selection of sizes that go from a size 8 -16
  • In total 8 collections a year are produced including a glamorous party collection for especially for Christmas
  • They produce a great selection of Vila basics such as leggings, shirts, vests and maxi skirts/dresses ideal for everyday wear - also at phenomenal prices
  • International brand recognition so they are savvy with both catwalk and street style all over Europe!
Vila clothing also have some great brand statements as well such as " Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and "Confidence is not for sale". Their style overviews always inspire us to push our boundaries in fashion and teach us to experiment with style.