Pieces Funky Foxy Leggings Now Instore!

Funky Fox leggingsImminently on the horizon and have since arrived are the über fabulous Pieces Funky Leggings! We are so excited about them as they will add a whole new world of colourful brights to our wardrobe for a fraction of the cost. If you dont know what the Pieces Accessories Funky Foxy Leggings are, then prepare to be spellbound by their amazing quality, amazing colour scheme and amazing affordable prices!

The Funky Foxy Legging is the best selling legging ever seen in Bestseller (this is the group of companies such as Vila, Vero Moda, Jack & Jones and Pieces). With a great retail price and its flexible basic style the Funky Foxy Legging is a phenomenal success for the danish accessory brand. Easily accessorised with almost anything from shirts, blouses, t-shirts, belts, scarves and tunics the Funky Foxy Legging will give the opportunity to experiment with colour without breaking the bank.



Here are some interesting facts about the Funky Foxy Legging:

  • The first pair of Funky Foxy Leggings were sold in 2003 - where have they been all our lives!
  • Indigo blue was the first ever colour to be produced, now they come in nearly every colour you can think of!
  • If all the Funky Foxy Leggings made were bound together they would be able to reach around the globe.

The retail price of these will be just £16 so we suggest you invest starting off with a basic plain colour such as black, blue or white and introduce new color schemes to your ever expanding wardrobe!