Great Menswear is not Limited to the City

16064528_DarkSapphire_663144_006_ProductLargeThe first DT post for 2019 is dedicated to all things menswear, because great menswear is definitely not just limited to the city.

Buxton may have a bijoux selection of clothing shops but the smaller the selection, surely the easier it is to choose. I might be generalising a bit here when I say this, but too much choice just puts people off. By offering a simplified, more selective story of brands it has to make it a win win for both customer and retailer.

So local guys, don't be put off with the lack of menswear shops in the town, rather than spending all that time and effort going in to the city, look at what Buxton has to offer. Research the brands or come in store to get the lowdown on the latest labels that we stock, don't just check out Divine Trash either, look at other local independents. You'll be amazed and I'm sure you won't go away empty handed.

DT menswear will be introducing NICCE to their menswear selection early Spring.



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