Inspired by Nature

We all know the classic leopard print pattern and a lot of us wear it so well, its a classic, timeless and elegant print that never seems to date. Its forever in fashion along with stripes, polka dots and the colour black! Leopard print was first seen on cavemen, possibly even the fictional character Tarzan (who would have thought he would be the height of fashion?) and has moved forward through the centuries by hunters, hippies and rock stars! Its true to say, I think we all love a little bit of leopard print no matter if its displayed on us via a dress, coat, scarf or shoes....Its true perennial style cannot be denied.

Moving on in other ways with animal prints, bold and quirky repeat animal silhouette designs seem to be grabbing the attention of celebrities such as Alexa Chung, Rihanna and Kate Bosworth. These funky daytime tops can be dressed up or down as these celebrities have shown below. Its a really interesting way to incorporate your look without it being too "Bett Lynch" or "Mutton dressed as lamb" and it keeps your style looking fresh and savvy. This season danish fashion brand Numph have created a superb interpretation of the Bat Top as seen on Alexa, also included in this is their signature owl design which seems to make an appearance each season in some quirky way or another. We are also loving the repeat prints over the t-shirts that Vero Moda have created over the past couple of collections, It teaches us that by keeping the top a statement piece you can dress the rest of your outfit quite conveniently all in black and still look stylish and on trend. We are also favoriting snakeskin, this is a great alternative to leopard prints and comes in a collection of stylish clutch bags in many different colours. The trick is to have fun this season playing about with prints, maybe try a bit of clashing if you dare but whatever you decide, stay in touch with your feminine side by being inspired by nature.