How to Wear Layers...

How to create the art of layering...

Male or female, layering is a key trend that many of us are afraid to experiment with so here are our top tips for this super cool style.

The first principle is to feel like you are wearing your top three or four favourite pieces at the same time. Start with the basics, skinny jeans, tights and or leggings, these can be plain or printed to add interest to your chosen outfit. Add a long plain vest top and we are ready to begin...Mix the fabrics. If you have denim jeans, add a silky vest, a cotton top, a woollen cardigan and a leather jacket. Ditto with your accessories, a chunky scarf, an oversized hat and a statement handbag can transform your look!

Apply this rule to your colour and print palette. Leopard print always looks fabulous over black but teamed with smokey greys and creams adds a new twist to this tried and tested combination! Olive greens and camouflage prints are also key this season with utility and military styles being seen everywhere. Add shape and define your killer curves by simply adding a belt to your outfit or in summer try a large scarf for a bohemian layered look.

When to stop? The only rule with this super versatile style is when getting out of the car becomes problematic or when people give up their seat on the bus for you! The key is to have fun, mixing and matching what you already have and investing in some amazing basics that can be dressed up or down as the season and occasion see fit!

Our go to brand for nailing this super style will always be A Postcard From Brighton. Their wonderful jersey tops and dresses are fundamental pieces if layering is your thing! Be warned though, they are pretty addictive! Don’t say we didn’t tell you!

Be brave and enjoy a new exciting style that is truly yours!!

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