French Connection at Divine Trash


French Connection, A famous international household name that we all recognise and love. The affordable fashion brand that lets women (and since expansion men and children) have a taste of the luxury and the good life.

Founded in 1972 by Stephen Marks, French Connection was originally part of designer  Nicole Farhi brand, which during the 2010 recession was sold off by French Connection for £5 million, and is the sister brand to the UK luxury basics label Great Plains.

Now in 2012, 40 years on since the brand was originally established, French Connection continue in their quest to raise the barr every season. They don't believe in following "trends" as such and they stick to their own signature look which is what they have done so successfully in the past. Every collection is an array of colour, sequins, embellishments, cutting edge silhouettes and lavish fabrics leaving your imagination running wild with desire. Palettes are always collated so gracefully to enable the customer to adopt a colour theme or for the more daring a technical clash of citrus brights or edgy prints might adorn your outfit to make your style look truly polished. In addition to their main and pre collections French Connection have produced a Classics Collection which is a great little add on for the brand. Price points are fab for both the retailer and the consumer and with styles such as the quintessential stripes, spots and leopard prints who could resist this for great everyday casuals.

With 40 years worth of experience under their belt French Connection is certainly still a brand on the up and more recently they have offered home ware, toiletries and jewellery to their collections! Its a high profile brand with a signature look that we can all trust due to its reputation and consistency on the high street and in this day and age there is a lot to be said for that.

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