Divine Trash is Going Green!


Fashion businesses have no option but to consider the environmental impact their carbon footprint makes on the planet. After all, the plastic may be superficial, but the damage lasts forever.

Big in the media at the moment is the much publicised "plastic revolution" (No, I'm not talking botox or lip fillers) It's a far more concerning subject than this. I am talking about the frightening aspect of plastic within our environment and oceans. In addition to these greenhouse gases, climate change, toxic waste in our water, deforestation, palm oil, the list is endless...However, Divine Trash is pleased to say that as a responsible business, in 2018 we made the decision to go from plastic shopping bags to paper shopping bags (FYI this is at no extra cost to our customers) and we are planning on doing the same with all of our online packaging materials by AW19.

Did you know?

Clothing produced from the man-made fibre polyester, when washed in a domestic washing machine, sheds tiny plastic particles called microfibres. This goes down our drain and into our ocean. The microfibres are then eaten by small marine life and plankton which play a vital role within the ecosystem. Plankton are not only a prolific part of the ocean food chain they also cleverly help regulate the temperature of the planet! ....Who'd have thought that!


It's become very important to us that we consider all aspects of the environment - It's a war of ethics V aesthetics. We are conscious that the impact of greenhouse gases due to the increasing popularity of fast fashion. We don't sell any real fur products due to our own moral concerns and we only deal with reputable established brands that respect nature and offer a range of sustainable organic cotton and recycled fabric to make up their final product. We will not just buy anything in order to look good, we will consider the options.

Don't get me wrong, we know by doing this we aren't drastically changing the earth, but our attitude towards plastic has made us reconsider how we use it and dispose of it. I feel like the only positive way forward within the fashion industry is to start thinking more about the products we buy. For example, is your purchase going to be a "one time wear" or an investment piece? We work with ethical brands who respect nature and who offer sustainable alternatives. We are optimistic that the big brands will lead the way and educate the future......Fingers crossed!

Take a look at this NASA video demonstrating the effects of climate change on the plant dating back to the early 1800s to 2014.