Dear Santa....

I have been a very very very good girl this year...


Dear Santa,

Look, first off, I know it's been a while and I'm sorry., but people were all up in ma grill saying bad things about you and that you weren't real and stuff so I kind of believed them. You get some bad press dude, it's pretty hard to ignore.

Anyway, anyway, you've got to help me out. I have been SERIOUSLY good this year. Much better than the year before which was pretty shaky I'll admit. I've seen just a few teeny tiny things that I cannot live without in that really cool shop Divine Trash, you MUST have heard of it.

Before I tell you what they are, I need you to know that if you get them for me I promise I will be even better behaved next year. I swear down dude, I will super duper make sure of it. So first up, there's this women's dress by Religion, (seems slightly appropriate now that I believe in you again and all) it's called the Religion Cherub Dress and I need a size 10 please. Next I've seen a two-tone leather handbag by Pieces, it's gorgeous, you'll totally agree when you see it. Also, I really need this one, it's a nude pink dress by Paper Dolls. Oh my god it's amazing, it's got some black frills going on and a mega zip down the back. You might want to get a few as I am pretty sure bet I won't be the only one asking for one of those bad boys.

It would also be ridiculous not to ask you to grab me a pair of shoes while you're there, size 6 please. The black and silver shiny ones called the London Rebel Precious Stilettos with the mega heel will do just nicely.

Oh, could you see if they've still got that Loser t-shirt in please? Criminal Damage is ringing a jingle bell. Tee-hee. Sorry I couldn't help it. I think I saw one of those Little Mix minxes wearing one, that would be like totally cool to have the same, we could be like sisters. Ace.

Ooh ooh, pretty pretty pretty please can I have the Pieces mega over-sized clutch bag pleeeeeease with a cherry on top? It's black with like some amazing embossed leopard print goin on. Again, get a few, they'll be sold out in no time. Believe me.

You're a total dude, I promise I won't doubt you again. For the record, I've told them mean people you're the real deal. Don't let me down and we can prove it to them. Haters.

Lots of love, (inappropriate)?