Creating a Positive Body Image

Body Image. Always in the press, always on YOUR mind.


I truly believe that the pressure on women is beyond extreme. Celebrity culture, Facebook, Twitter. It's relentless.  Rebecca Adlington spoke in the jungle of the quite frankly, horrendous comments she receives on Twitter on a frighteningly regular basis. Put yourselves in her shoes. She's an Olympic GOLD medallist. How much pressure she must put herself under to become the best at what she does and then some nasty old troll makes her feel worthless for her appearance. It's despicable.

How many of us have achieved what she has? How many of us berate themselves on a daily basis? What do you see when you look in the mirror? You're off to work, picking the kids up, doing a 'Big Shop'. Have you ever said to yourself, "You look nice today". I'll bet next weeks wages that it wasn't a positive comment. I also, sadly, think it's us girls who ramp up the pressure on ourselves. I am pretty sure your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife didn't tell you you looked rough this morning.  Unless they did, then you probably did. You know what I mean.

Let's start something here. When you see that girl you know from school at the checkout in the supermarket, say, "You look great! So nice to see you!" You have no idea what sort of a day she's having. You're going to have an impact on her day. For sure, no doubt. And it will be a positive one.

We are all guilty of giving ourselves a very undeserved hard time. So lets change it. Let's do something good. Let's all try and make ourselves feel a little bit happier and better about each other.

I don't think I am the only girl around here that has a massively distorted body image. It's ridiculous. We are all bloody gorgeous. It shouldn't matter what you weigh, even if you are a slave to the scales like I am. It shouldn't matter if your face has decided to erupt with eight million spots. Bad hair day, bad face day, bad day full stop. Let's spread some love.

And before you fellas kick off. We know this affects you too. Unfortunately, I'm a bird and this is my blog.

Please share your thoughts on this issue, leave a comment, tell us a nice thing you've said or done that's cheered someone up. It could be ANYTHING. Shopping for an elderly neighbour. Watching your mates unruly children so she could have a shower. Helping a random stranger. ANYTHING. You might inspire someone else to do a nice thing for someone! It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside, trust me.

Come on kids. This is the season of love, family and basically just being nice to each other. And I'm starting a revolution.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Love #trashfash xxx

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