Being Brave with Fashion

Brave Lady Gaga Meat DressAre you brave with fashion?

Hands up. How many people have picked up the most beautiful garment they have ever seen and put it down again? Only to get home and still be thinking about it. Not got the courage? Too 'out there'? Couldn't pull it off? I definitely have. Countless times. Do you wear the same things on a daily basis in a variety of colours? Yup. Guilty as charged. So I am going to challenge myself. Feel free to join in... (It would help me to be braver, so I guess I'm pleading a little bit here) That favourite top/dress/shirt whatever, that you would only dream of wearing for a special occasion, night out or party, let's #wearitonawednesday #feelitonafriday #selfiesonasunday Work, day off, coffee with a friend. You choose!

If you don't yet own that piece you've been thinking about, treat yourself. Wear it with confidence and be proud that it's yours! Dress it down, add a cardigan, flat pair of boots, however you feel, let's mix it up a bit. Unless it's some kinky kinda rubber get up then I'd be tempted not to bother.


Let's think logically about this...

If you feel confident, you look it, if you look it, you feel it! Chicken and egg thing going on. It's infectious. Not so easy all the time, last minute change of heart before you leave the house into your old favourite. Stop yourselves!!! Just challenge yourself once, I'm pretty sure you are only going to receive compliments, that in turn is going to boost your confidence. Win, win yes?

We all spend too much time worrying about our appearances, we need to boost each others self esteem. Let's keep spreading the love you gorgeous #trashfash people! xxx

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