All Year Round Classic Fashion Trends

Keep your look sassy and stylish by following these simple steps, they really are classic ideas on all year round timeless trends.....

Leopard Print : Love it or loath it, leopard print is an all time classic and once bitten by the bug we are positive it will escalate into a lifetime obsession. When shopping with the leopard print radar in tow look for a really nice combination of browns, yellows and golds that flatter each other and dont look too trashy. Leopard print treats by One Teaspoon can be found in most of their collections and all designs coincide with their effortless, slightly western, laid back, rock n roll lifestyle.

Maxi Skirts : Amazeballs, We love them. So elegant and chic and a definitive wardrobe staple. A Postcard from Brighton is without doubt the very best brand on the market who do a great range of maxi skirts all year round. Don't just experiment with these in summer, trial them through the winter months with biker boots and a faux fur jacket and see how diverse one can be. During the winter try a tube skirt rather then a floaty one, these have a tendency to be a bit flyaway and may end up becoming more of a fashion faux pas then a fashion yee-hahh!

Stripes/Polka Dot : This trend never ceases to amaze me, its freestyle and ageless and has adorned the bodies of ladies and gents all over the globe for centuries. We never become tireless of it and it never becomes tireless of us. It can be fun, flirty, experimental and yet very chic (french style of course) and can be interpreted in so many different ways, shapes and colours. Mixing these 2 patterns can work really well if you are very creative and love to look at the very height of the trends. Alternatively go classic and wear with an oversized blazer and tailored trousers.

Multi Layers : In the style stakes this takes the biscuit. Its not only functional, but done creatively can work amazing! In true british vagabond style add accessories to your many layers, such as oversized scarves, statement necklaces and lots of rings to create the illusion of multi layers. Add longer vest tops underneath jumpers, capes or ponchos and chunky knitwear as a top layer over denim or pussy bow blouse shirts. Add waistcoats, gilets, army shirts and denim jackets as a layer, creating asymmetric shapes and jagged hemlines to your look. Adding multi textures to your look works great as well and is very on trend this season. Mixing leather and faux fur together looks awesome - My advice is go for it - This trend really is limitless, you can't go wrong!

A Blazer : One staple item to have in your wardrobe is the tailored blazer. This is not only fabulous for formal occasions but also looks really great worn as a simple daytime jacket with skinny jeans and biker boots (swap these for heels for the evening). If you initially buy it in black then it will last season after season, if you already have a black one then our suggestion is to invest in another staple colour - maybe camel, this is classic and goes really great with tan leather accessories. Definitely one stylish piece your look will be missing if you haven't already got one. We can't stress enough how integral this can be for an instant confidence boost that will compliment your look. Nothing is more attractive then a well dressed confident lady!

Skulls : Not just for goths or hells angels, The skull trend is one that we highly recommend. I am thinking avant garde couture designers such as Alexander McQueen or Thomas Wilde who created the iconic silk skull scarves and the diamante encrusted skull bags.  These may well be above our price ranges but fear not as top Divine Trash brand Religion create an array of superior collections each year, all inspired by skull and skeleton designs with a great street wear edge. A little bit of this goes along way - Don't OTT the skull trend but certainly go for a dash here and there to keep your look at the top of the style stakes.

Statement Necklaces : A show stopping necklace is key when it comes to really upping the glam factor. Invest in a piece that looks stylish and versatile, rather then one that you may go off or out of fashion next season. A large knot or jewel is good, another great statement necklace is the jewelled collar, White Leaf Jewellery produce some fabulous designs and this season have really excelled themselves. Avoid tacky plastics and feathers at all costs, these won't last and may leave your look a bit cheap and nasty. I think Bollywood style necklaces are good for inspiration and will modernise your look instantly.