A Postcard from Brighton is Still Winning!

Have you seen this brand recently? If not then why?

A Postcard From Brighton clothing is true to its roots and is a proud british manufactured brand that sells to the young, middle aged and older ladies with style. There is a certain identity to it as well, The shapes are all very similar but are so versatile that the sell so well and can be spotted a mile off quite distinctively from other brands.

How can one simple shape be so adaptable?

This is because the shapes are mainly loose, the arms are usually tight depending on the style and the cut flows around the figure so flatteringly. The prints are always tasteful with no harsh or brash in your face patterns and the fabrics sit so loving around the skin.

What do we suggest :

Just invest in 2 pieces to begin with - a basic undervest or maxi dress firstly, this will create the clean blank canvas and secondly a loose fit top, be it plain or patterned. This way you can see how the shape looks and feels when you walk, it also makes it easier to just keep adding colours, prints and shapes! Building an outfit is always great fun and as mentioned in previous blogs layering is always stylish and on trend. After you have chosen your desired first couple of pieces and worn them (to death!) start to become a little bit more experimental by contrasting colours or even patterns. Add a scarf to your look to create another layer - and don't be afraid of wearing a maxi dress in winter - Rock it out with wellies girlfriend!!

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