Key Elements from the 70's to Update your Party Look!!

Key Elements for a 70''s glamour puss look are:

  • Lipstick!....And lots of it...berry reds and glittery shades are the best, but for a less dramatic daytime look dot concealer over the lips and then add a polished slick of dark red lipstick, this will matte the colour down and make it last longer.
  • Sequins!....Mix your favourite sequin vest with some tired old jeans and trashed converse. We love this look, it gives your style edge and diversity.
  • Glitter!....On lids, lips, nails and cheekbones!
  • High hair!....The bigger the better in terms of "au natural" leave your looks to hang as they fall. Don't be too precise on a style, it's good to leave your hair looking effortless!...But still freshly washed!
  • Signature scent!...Keep it fresh and floral for a springtime innocence...